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elemental Ecstasy (part 2)

April 20, 2007

dancing my fingers back and forth through and open flame, stroking the fire with my fingertips, feeling it’s soft gentle warmth, i speak ::

god never made a woman as soft as fire

nor ever a fire that could burn like a woman

fire is soft to the touch. it has to be a fleeting touch, otherwise you’ll burn, but you can pet a candle’s flame and the oil in your fingertips will soot up, but otherwise protect you.

provided you don’t linger.

and that is the rub. with the exception of a true firebug, perhaps, most of us have no desire to dangle body parts in the fire and hold them there.

but the same is not true of our desire for women.

there we want to linger. there we let our touch remain, sojourning in the softness, never guessing the danger.

in part one of this post (over @ to slam a revolving door) i gave a brief introduction to my first forays into elemental *magic.* less than a year after my unwitting discovery that i could scry with fire, the woman who would become my wife came back into my life.

it was around christmas and we had actually gotten a good accumulation of sleet and snow that year. her mom had the kids and we had a few days to ourselves to hibernate in my little apartment.

to call that apartment small would be an understatement on par with calling a vagabond’s cardboard box a house.

but it was cozy and there was a fireplace, so we dragged the mattress off the bed and out onto the living room floor to enjoy the toasty warmth of a good fire and two willing bodies.

i suppose it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to guess how we spent the afternoon.

i won’t call what happened *sex magic* because that would imply a whole lot more ritual (not to mention intent) than we actually supplied to the act. but we did get a strong elemental reaction.

we made love a couple times that afternoon in front of that fire, and each time we did the fire burned incredibly high in the fireplace, as if it fed off of our energy, and not just the wood.

while we were embraced, the fire soared. while we weren’t it died to mere embers and charred logs.

we both noticed it.

@ that time T was maybe not particularly a heart-deep christian, but she wasn’t a pagan either. but she recognized what she was experiencing on a spiritual level.

and so we experimented.

we kissed. the fire inched higher

we touched. the fire inched higher

we pulled away, just lay on the mattress, talking. the fire died down.

we kissed again and the fire leaped up.

we made love again and it soared . . . elemental forces in tune with our passion.

tonight we are going camping for the weekend with our kids. i don’t know what opportunities we’ll get (we surely won’t find ourselves in a position to actually make love in front of the fire)

but i am looking forward to experimenting again . . .


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