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Top 13 Movie Picks

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.”

– Jean-Luc Godard


Okay, so granted, my taste in movies probably isn’t a shining example of the cinematic art form, but hey – it’s what I like.

The movies on this list just struck me as really f*cking brilliant, or were an integral part of my cultural identity (by which I mean, I would watch them obsessively, over and over, and can probably still quote lines from memory). Okay, actually only 2 movies on the list fall into the latter category. Can you guess which two?

Movies are listed in alphabetical order rather than by preference because I just couldn’t decide how to rank them:

1. Braveheart

2. Breakfast Club (The trailer sucked. Enjoy this video).

3. Bruce Almighty (Yes, I know how criminal it is to put a Jim Carrey movie on any kind of top # list, even with Morgan Freeman as a mitigating factor, but I stand by my decision).

4. Die Hard (The original. You can keep the rest of the series).

5. Enchanted (Easily the best movie Disney has ever put out – if for no other reason than it makes fun of classic Disney movies better than any other spoof to date)

6. Fight Club (because your fat @ss is soap)


8. Lord of the Rings (The whole trilogy)

9. Marley & Me

10. Pirates of the Caribbean (Again, the original. The rest of the series was just meh).

11. Star Trek (2009 – not the original 4 hour space oddity with countless unnecessary pans of deep space that came out in 1979)

12. Star Wars (Original Trilogy. George Lucas, you still owe us an apology, you icon-raping bastard) and that Potty Mouth R2D2

13. Thelma & Louise (For the ending alone it must make the list)


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