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Read Me On "Angry Gray Rainbows"

July 3, 2009

Back at the end of June (you know, earlier this week) Angry Gray Rainbows did a post in which she detailed all the things she appreciated about herself . . . and then encouraged her regular readers to do the same.

Now, I am a regular reader of her blog, but I am sooo not the touchy feely type and the thought of writing that kind of post about myself just seemed a bit gratuitous.

But after I read post after post after post of people doing this on her blog I became intrigued. The posts didn’t feel gratuitous at all. They felt . . . genuine. Raw. Real.

And those are all things I can totally get down with. So a couple days ago, I caved in and posted my own self-appreciating comment on her blog which she turned around (with my permission) and posted as it’s own post.

I even got my own manly blue waterfall out of the deal. :mrgreen:

So, yeah, if you’ve never checked out her blog, truck on over there. It is so worth the read.


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