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Is it Really the Most Important Meal?

June 19, 2009

Conventional wisdom tells us Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I agree.

If you don’t break your fast at some point, eventually you will starve to death so it has to be at least a little important.

However, I don’t agree that it is necessary to jump straight out of bed and shovel down a bowl of wheaties, or even a good plate of bacon, eggs, and avacado.

I’ve always said I’d like morning much better if it came later in the day, and since switching my diet I find I am often not hungry until the sun is high in the sky. I’m not talking famished-staving-must-shovel-food-in-my-face hungry. Just regular, maybe-I-should-get-something-to-eat-now hungry.

Oftentimes I won’t have my first meal of the day until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. And it is rare for me, now, to eat more than twice a day.

That’s just what my body is telling me these days.

I used to do the eat-every-three-hours regimen, but after awhile it just seemed counterintuitive.

Why am I going to eat something now when I’m not hungry to keep me from being hungry later?

That’s like when I was a teenager and I told my cousin I was never going to drink (alcohol) and he insisted that he was going to get me really, really drunk just once so that I would feel awful and never drink alcohol.

Yeah, that one set my scooby-sense a’tinglin’ too. Rooo?

But that’s all just the talking; the proof is in the doing.

I’ve tried a lot of diets, and I’ve thoroughly researched every one I’ve tried, checked the science, etc (I’m a wee bit obsessive like that). But until you actually try it, you can’t know if it will work.

Most of the others I’ve tried didn’t work for sh!t.

Eating the way I’m eating now and engaging in intermittent fasting: that’s definitely working.

For me, anyway. YMMV.


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