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Breakfast is the Bastard

May 31, 2009

So I’m working my way into a primal/paleo diet which basically excludes all grains and frowns heavily on excessive starches (read as taters) and dairy (yogurt, cheese – you can have em, but not too much of em).

For most of the day I have no problem eating this kind of diet. I have a big salad with some form of animal protein for lunch and then a dinner of meat (usually) and veggies (lots and lots of veggies).

The trouble I’m bumping into @ breakfast is that most traditional breakfast foods are grain based or incorporate a large dose of starches/dairy (cereal, yogurt, hashbrowns, etc).

Eggs, of course, are the logical breakfastesque food choice, but as a failed veteran of the Southbeach Diet I know I can only follow that road so far before I bloody well get sick of them.

Part of the equation is just making enough time in the mornings to fix a decent breakfast, but more and more I’m starting to realize that regular breakfast food just isn’t going to cut it.

It’s just hard to break that mindset.

Lunch and dinner are completely interchangeable for the most part in the American psyche. But breakfast is a peculiar beast with its own traditions and expectations and I’m having trouble thinking past those expectations.


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