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supernatural christianity

February 13, 2008

So they’re discussing spirits on a forum I frequent and it got me to thinking about how spirits are presented in the Bible.

For one thing, they are presented as real.

They are presented as being available to human summoning.

They are presented as being able to appear before God and as being able to perform assignments for God.

They are presented as capable of possessing human beings.

They are presented as being able to interact with one another.

They are presented as tormented in their natural state.

They are presented as fully aware.

Some of them are presented as human.

But if asked about spirits the average Christian will become uncomfortable. Some will deny their existence altogether. Some will say that was fine for Biblical times but doesn’t apply to us today.

Others, notably Catholics and Pentecostals, believe that spirits still plague the modern world and should be stood up to (via exorcism or simple casting out). What do you think about spirits? Have you ever encountered a disembodied spirit, or something you just couldn’t explain but that fit the traditional description of a spirit? Do spirits still roam unchecked in our modern world? Or are they just a scareytale to frighten children?

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