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monkey's uncle

February 11, 2008

So, one of the *claims* I have heard from the pulpit in regards to the *silliness* of Evolution is that the idea of evolution gives rise to an entitlement of chaos.

Let me explain. The argument goes thusly: Since people believe that they are descended from apes/monkeys/whatthefurryhaveyou, that they are entitled to act like monkeys. This pins most violent crime and hooliganism in general on the Evolutionist, because he taught people to believe this in our public schools and just look at the world today wouldya.

Forget the fact that this ignores the basic premise of evolution: “evolving”

ie: We used to be rambunctious little monkeys but now we’ve *grown up* and are no longer rambunctious little monkeys.

(Forget also the fact that PKs (preacher’s kids) have collectively raised rambunctious monkeyism to heights never before imagined.)

Now, I am obviously not going to discuss the merits of this little logic loop, as it actually has none.

What I am going to do is offer up a ridiculous little thought experiment of my own.

Christians teach their kids that they are descended from an all powerful God who doesn’t have to answer to anyone for his behavior (this concept is called sovereignty) and further teaches that we are his heirs, kids of the kingdom, God’s kids, etc. And their children grow up and act like overbearing godlings who don’t have to answer for their behavior.

History kinda bears me out on this one, people.

Now, I’m supposed to be a Christian, right? So why the help-me-Rhonda am I bashing on Christianity?

Simple. If you want to wake a bear in winter, you need a big stick. And something to hide behind. My words are my stick, the anonymity of the internet is my brick wall.

Christianity really has become bogged down with little cute-isms like the one illustrated above. And take note: It (the cute-ism in question) isn’t even about Christianity. It isn’t even a faith statement. It is a pathetic attempt to bully people into fearing something that Christians have been taught to perceive as a threat.

As a Christian who believes in an all powerful and loving God who created life I just don’t have a hard time believing that such a God would create life in such a way as to be able to survive and adapt to the world he put it in.

And that, at it’s heart, is what evolution teaches. Well, sans the “God” part. Life is either adaptable or it dies. That is the basic premise of evolution. And they’ve got scads of evidence to back the idea up.

My daughter on the way to church one day told me she didn’t believe in cave men. I asked her why not. She said, I just don’t think they’re real. I asked if she had any reason to believe they weren’t real. She said, I just don’t.

I asked her if it was because the bible taught about God creating Adam and Eve. She said, yes, that was why she didn’t think there could be cave men.

I asked her where Adam and Eve lived when they got kicked out of Eden. No one had ever seen a house before. No one had ever built one.

I appreciate her thought process, because she did actually think about it. She was presented with two pieces of evidence that seemed to contradict each other and she decided to go with the *authority* she trusted more.

I explained to her that we had the actual bodies of cave men found in their caves. We have found their homes and holy places under ground. We have tons of evidence that they were here, that they were real.

And I told her next time she thought she was faced with an either-or proposition to investigate and see first if it really was an either-or question and second to see where the evidence led her.

I know she is just a kid, but I want all my kids to examine what they hear critically and not just take it at face value. I especially want them to recognize an agenda when they see one.

And if there are any Christians reading this little post, especially any pastors or evangelists, I would like to just beg you to stop. Stop creating tangential conflicts to *protect* people. Especially stop creating conflict without evidence or that contradicts established evidence unless you have new evidence that debunks the established.

Stop, because you are hacking at your own underpinnings. You can teach Christ without teaching falsehood and innuendo.

Stop trying to portray Christianity as superior and elite and just teach what you know is true. You will never convince anyone of Christianity’s superiority by talking about it anyway. You will only do so by living it and showing them how to live it.

I get that you want to preach against false doctrines of man, etc. I get that that is even part of the mission. But we need to prove the doctrines false if we are going to do that. Jesus did. Whenever he slapped down a false doctrine, he didn’t just make up a cute little distraction, he actually showed it’s falseness. And he showed the truth. If you can’t do that, they you aren’t filling his shoes.

You might even *gasp* be wrong.

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