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February 6, 2008

one of the few subjects on which i’ve been well ahead of my time was in my taste in music as a teenager.

while my brother was slamming around to the dulcet howls of Twisted Sister and my wife-to-be was mooning over big hair spandex rockers, i was listening to a little known political band named after a captured spy plane.



time, of course, has vindicated my choice.

my brother and my wife both admit to becoming fans of my eighties music choices, and of course U2 has become one of the best known bands of the last three decades – worldwide.

in 1984 however they were still barely a blip on the college circuit. i had U2 buttons on my denim jacket and the words U2 WAR stenciled on the back.

my daily uniform.

@ that time hardly anybody my age had heard of the band, but even then i could rattle off their names with ease.

i knew the Edge and Bono as David Evans and Paul Hewson.

i knew that Bono was short for bono vox – a nickname earned because of his big mouth.

i even knew that the band had been started by their drummer, Larry Mullins Jr.

and that they almost kicked the bassist, Adam Clayton, out of the band for getting wasted and partying like a typical hopped up rock star.

their sophomore album, october, was a bit of a let down, not because it was their sophomore album, but because an overzealous fan stole Bono’s lyrics for the album shortly before they went to studio (this was recently returned to him)

i will admit to drifting away from fandom right around the time they put out Achtung, Baby! and i am still only an indifferent fan of the material they have produced since

but one question has bugged me for decades. one for which i will probably never have an answer:

does Bono know that Robin Williams is his father?


yes, that’s Bono (with Penelope Cruz)

this is Robin


in the video clip below, Bono shows an uncanny resemblance to the young Robin Williams (for those of my readers who don’t remember the young Robin Williams, here is a picture)


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  1. February 7, 2008 05:10

    You’re right, it’s something which has been bothering me for a while… who does Bono look like? Robin Williams… brilliant.

    There were two bands which came out about the same time with a kind-of-similar pop/punk sound, as much as I like U2 I preferred the other one… two words: Big. Country.

  2. February 7, 2008 08:19

    i remember big country.

    thanks for the link

  3. February 7, 2008 09:06

    You’re very welcome. When I was thirteen and fourteen I actually resented U2 for taking the “thunder” away from Big Country… it was almost like (and this analogy only works if you’ve been awake all night) how my little brother was a Ramones fan and I was a Clash fan.

  4. February 7, 2008 11:10

    yeah, i can see that. which probably means i am dire need of a mug o’ joe

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