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T m U o E n S d D a A y Y – m E

January 22, 2008

today i am:

feeling well refreshed

because yesterday i got to:

spend the day with my family

the kids finally got to spend their christmas money

my wife got to indulge in taco bell

and i finally got to see emo man spiderman 3

all in all it was a nice, relaxing day

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  1. January 24, 2008 00:40

    Emo man ~ Damn skippy.

    Sounds like a great Monday. Just a movie short of superb?

  2. January 24, 2008 01:55

    superb? dunno if i give it that many stars, but it was good

  3. January 24, 2008 09:16

    Thought that the movie might have knocked it down from originally being superb to just being great. 😉

  4. January 24, 2008 09:25

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . funny girl . . . no, the movie was okay for what it was.

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