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awake and dreaming

January 18, 2008

awake and dreaming

i wake up screaming

in my dreams

seeking an end

finding only new beginnings

my dreams offer me no respite

no closure

only new branches of the rabbit hole

to go haring down



rationalizing in that irrational way of dreams

that makes little knife wielding girls in clown make-up

make perfect sense.

i hate those little bitches

i hate their little knives and their big floppy shoes

i hate most that no matter how many of them swarm over me

snicking off bits of my flesh to savor

no matter how many cars drive after me off of cliffs

no matter how many cops haul me off to jail

no matter how many times i stuff my own entrails back through some absurdly gaping hole the little clown girls have carved in my torso

i never manage to wake up

i remain asleep

locked in dreaming

until in the illogical logic of dreams whatever i feared becomes my lover

taking on a face less fearsome

and a body sublime

and she reaches out to touch me and then . . .

. . . then I wake the f*ck up!


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