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kamakazi death snow

December 5, 2007

yeah, so we had a bit of the cold wet flakiness today.

a harmless bit of fluff that mostly didn’t stick to anything, did not in any wise impair vision, and hardly even wet the roads.

nevertheless, folk out on the road began driving as if death rode cackling on their shoulder.

seriously, people become mentally impaired in this area when snow begins to fall. they drive like snails, put their hazard lights on, and then apparently clench their eyes closed in fervent prayer.

they must have their eyes closed because every minor shift in traffic sends them lurching for the brakes like they’ve been surprised . . . like when a driver taps his brakes when you tailgate.

only no one is following too close.

and if the guy in front of you comes to a dead stop and you totally miss the brakes you are still only going to hit him @ 15 mph.

this is fairly common in my neck of the woods.

well, about 10 miles north of my neck and throughout the remaining 60 miles of my commute. if you are actually IN my neck of the woods, it’s all 4wd bubbas with their back seat gun racks loaded up and waiting to hit a deer.

hopefully on the way home i’ll be surrounded by more sensible drivers.

or even the bubbas

but i’m not holding my breath.

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  1. December 7, 2007 14:34

    This supposed snowstorm sucked ass. When is nature going to stop teasing us and finally give us a good one?!? Damn it!

    BTW, my boyfriend almost rear ended someone cuz he was feeling up my leg. Doesn’t make you feel good about driving out in the snow, does it?

  2. December 7, 2007 16:36

    doesn’t make me feel good about driving in the snow ALONE 😦

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