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a great weekend

November 25, 2007

after several grueling weeks at work i finally got to spend a couple days with my family, including getting to spend friday night and saturday morning alone with my wife, no kids, nothing planned, just the two of us.

it was fun.

thursday was all about hanging out with the family.

we roasted a pig, my family discovered my heretofore hidden talent for crafting garlic mashed potatoes (fresh roasted garlic is the secret), and we generally tossed our diets to the wind. not that we went too far astray on what we could eat so much as just eating way more of it than we probably should have.

but if you are going to cheat, thanksgiving is the day to do it.

then my wife had to work on friday, so i got her car inspected and cleaned the house, but when she came home she was all mine. we had a picnic snack in the car (yes, it involved bananas and was the source of my earlier post) and then went to see the movie *enchanted*

(i highly recommend this movie by the way. i’ve not seen better in over a year and i’m a movie junkie)

then i came home and fixed steak and crab legs for dinner.

after dinner we spent a blissful night in bed followed by an even blissier morning in the same with a little non-sexual recreation between bouts.

this we capped off with a meal of homemade chipotle-lime chicken fajitas.

then it was back to my mom’s for a traditional turkey dinner/house decorating party/retrieving the kids.

all in all it has been extremely restful and relaxing.

i have to go back to work tomorrow, but i really don’t care. my stress level is at zero and i’m ready to put up with whatever sh!t they care to throw at me.

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  1. damewiggy permalink
    November 25, 2007 12:42

    glad you and yours had a great one.

    simple rejuvenation is a most beautiful thang.

  2. November 26, 2007 07:39

    Sounds awesome so glad you had a terrific holiday and got to relax.

    We had an awesome time too, we rented a house on the beach right on the beach and had the whole family down to join us for Thanksgiving and there was enough room for them to spend the night. So we had two days with the family, and two days with just me, hubby, and our daughter. The weather was great and the kids were playing in the sand and collecting shells for hours.

  3. November 26, 2007 08:14

    that does sound like fun. which beach did you go to?

  4. November 27, 2007 06:54

    We stayed on Long Beach Island (almost to the end of the island, not far from the bird sanctuary). The moon was full too and looked so awesome shining over the ocean waves.

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