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friendly angry ninja slobber

October 23, 2007

so b!tching about bosses is something of an american pass time, if not an actual job skill.

myself, i can put up with a lot. i have worked for demanding bosses, overbearing bosses, idiot bosses . . . you name it, i’ve probably worked for it.

but the boss i will b!tch about the most is the incompetent boss.

specifically that incompetent boss that has no clue just how incompetent she is.

case in point.

a month ago our regional offices decided all our stores would have a trick-or-treating event today, october 23rd.

now, it is my boss’s job to plan this event down to how many tables we will have, what will be at each table, and who will man each table.

last friday she sits down with me to *plan* this event.

which amounts to her furiously jotting notes while i lay out what we should do.

then we have to find people who can work those tables

amazingly enough, with schedules already written for that week, we aren’t finding any help at all.

my boss, of course, is in a full blown raging panic because she *sent out an email weeks ago*

translation :: she forwarded the same email she got.

no plan.

no specifics.

just, *hey guys, we’re having this event*

nothing about how many people she needed or what she needed them for.

this was last friday. saturday she had an event away from the store so she had no time to set things up then and sunday would put her into OT which is strictly not allowed.

so does she show up bright and early on monday to fix things? nope. because sunday and monday are her days off.

every. f*cking. week.

the woman is working retail, but she works 9:30-5:30 every day and has the same two days off back to back every week.

i know when i go in today she still won’t have things arranged and we’ll be scrambling at the last minute and i’ll have to listen to her moan and cry about how it just isn’t her fault.

how it isn’t her fault is beyond me, but fault or not it IS her responsibility and for me, i kinda hope it bites her in the ass hard this time.

that may not seem like the nicest thing to say, but the reality is, every time she screws stuff like this up she invariably tries to lay it at my feet, to make me look bad to the store team leader and make herself look like the longsuffering saint forced to work with defective goods.

i don’t like my store team leader.

i’ve made no secret about that.

but i know something about him that she doesn’t.

his bullsh!t detector is the best on the market. and he isn’t going to fall for the same sorry excuses time after time after time

for obvious reasons, i won’t be checking my blog @ work today, but i promise to look in on the comments tonight.

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  1. October 23, 2007 10:57


    Hope you have a fantastic day!!

    Love you!

  2. October 23, 2007 14:14

    I so sympathise. I work for the boss from Hell too. She is unbelievably stupid at times (despite having two degrees) and is also a “blamer.”

    So I hope your boss gets found out big time. Just so it’ll give me hope that mine will too, one day!

  3. October 23, 2007 14:16

    PS: we should do a catNmouse on the worst boss theme! (worst boss, worst stunt they pulled, innocent but blamed, etc.) I’d be in for that one!

  4. October 23, 2007 14:38

    Oh me too!

    I have what is called a whatchamakallit boss…

  5. October 23, 2007 22:42

    I am so glad my boss is me. Granted my boss (me) is an ass, frequently incompetent, often irrational, always a micromanaging, domineering, perfectionist, but I always know what to expect from him.

    Let us know how it went today. I wish I lived closer, I’d definitely have come to the event just to see . . . after that description I really wanted to experience schadenfreude at your boss’s expense.

  6. October 24, 2007 10:25


    i am sorry to say my integrity got the better of me today.

    where my boss hasn’t the creativity or experience to deal with the sh!tstorm that was hovering silently over her head . . . i do.

    and when push came to shove . . . i did.

    it was too late to salvage our plan @ that point, but it wasn’t too late to change the plan and send out the blue prancing ponies to distract the store team leader and make it look like we had things well in hand all along

    part of this involved hosing down my boss and locking her in a broom closet.

    in other words, even after i showed her how to fix everything and we were working to that end she still wanted to go to the store team leader and get him to *make* the other teams give us people to help.

    that would’ve been about as productive as dropping a grenade in your panties and about as messy

    she couldn’t grasp the concept that changing the plan and looking competent was better than sticking to the plan and admitting she hadn’t done any of the necessary work that she was being paid to do.

    the sad thing is, had she even started planning this a week sooner we could have had all the help we needed from our own team (admin) just by the simple expedient of scheduling them to be working those hours that day.

    the sadder thing is, two months before we hired my boss i offered my services for the job (one i have two years experience in at that very location) and was told by my store team leader that i wasn’t responsible or detail oriented enough to do.

    what color is irony anyway?

  7. October 24, 2007 12:09

    Bloody hell! I think if you applied for the job and she got it you should let her sink in her own mire!
    Failing that do drop a genade in her panties – and make sure you have a camera at the ready!

  8. October 24, 2007 16:00

    okay, if i were the type of man to drop grenades in women’s panties i am certainly NOT the sort to stick around and photograph the event

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