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emo definition thursday

October 18, 2007

so, i’m boycotting emo images until joey drags her perky @ss out from under her rock and starts blogging again

but i would like to take a moment to get folk up to speed

because i have recently discovered that some folk don’t really understand what emo is. can a girl be emo? can a fat kid be emo? can i be emo?

the answer to these questions and more – after the hump.

what is emo?

emo is gay without the joy

so girl emo is lesbian without the . . . erm . . . pillowfights?

emo is shallow people pretending to be deep

emo is angst without any commitment to rage

emo is an attention hound chained out in a yard.

a black attention hound with great eye liner and mascara

emo doesn’t date . . . it stalks

but don’t worry. emo is also pussy. so for all it stalks it will never actually catch you.

to get a date with emo, you must do the asking.

emo is bi . . . if bi were really, really dark and gay

emo is scrawny and pathetic

go hang out with the geeks or the jocks fat kid

god created emos so goth boys would have someone to beat up

emo isn’t progressive, it’s pouty.

emo doesn’t make a statement. it mutters its futility into the dark.

emo is . . . ridiculous . . . just like any other fad

only most emos won’t live to look back at their yearbook and wonder what the f*ck they were thinking

they didn’t go to stupid picture day anyway

are you emo?

if you feel grossly misunderstood by this post, check for black clothing, eye liner, and black fingernails.

if any of the above are in evidence, you might be an emo


this post would have made a great photoramble, but again, boycotting the images until joey starts vomiting her brain up in pixels for our amusement again

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  1. John permalink
    October 21, 2007 17:04

    I had the teenage son of a friend, who is a jock and SO not Emo explain it to me. At first, I thought Emo=Goth, but he says that a Goth lives with the knowlege that the future will be bleaker than it is at present, while an Emo doesn’t think about the future because the present is so delightfully depressing (is that even possible?).

    Maybe you can include this in your next mail bag… what does “Emo” mean anyway? Goth makes sense Goth=Gothic…. but emo? Emotional? Eternally MOpey?

  2. October 21, 2007 17:31

    that’s a good idea.

    maybe even do some actual research instead of just my off-the-top impressions

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