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the way to a man's heart

October 8, 2007

they say the way to a man’s heart

is through his belly

this is good advice and true .

but if your shiv is long and tapered

you can also get there through his armpit

…..which lets you

…..come in


…..from the side

with the added benefit

that it’s really hard to scream

with a punctured lung

won’t bleed out, either

the blood, such as it is, will pool in his abdomen . . .

…………………………………………………... . . as he dies

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  1. amy permalink
    October 9, 2007 00:04


  2. October 9, 2007 11:01

    erm . . . okay . . . why hugs?

  3. amy permalink
    October 9, 2007 17:16

    just seemed to be the thing to do at the time i read it. My first thought was that, well…lessons like that are obviously gotten in relatively dire situations, and I felt like hugging you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    i figured during that time you probably lacked for hugs…so i gave you one to help balance it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. October 9, 2007 17:19

    hrm . . . okay . . . guess i don’t think like a girl.

    reading the same post my first instinct would’ve been to back away

    slo0o0o0o0o0o0o0owly . . . :mrgreen:

  5. October 9, 2007 19:36

    it’s a good poem . . . relevant.

    and my first instinct is to protect my sides.

  6. October 9, 2007 19:57

    *and my first instinct is to protect my sides*

    I recommend Gillette Clear Gel

    And it is frightening that you find that relevant. Good I’m okay with. I don’t think I wanna know why it’s relevant. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  7. October 9, 2007 21:33

    I was just reading a bit about marijuana crimes . . . it’s amazing to me that there are more arrests for pot than for all violent crimes combined . . . and that there is a larger percentage of the U.S. population behind bars than at any other time in our history. One of the themes I’m exploring for my novel is the idea that prison becomes such a large community, such a powerful force because so many people are down, or have been down, that the system created for inmates, rather than rehabilitating them for reentry into society begins to change society to conform to the systems of behavior . . . society is rehabilitated, and not for the better.

    that’s why it’s relevant.

  8. October 9, 2007 21:34

    What does Gillette Clear Gel do?

  9. October 9, 2007 21:42

    Ah . . . Well, that’s better than *I just need to kill somebody, thanks for the armpit tip*


    Gillet Clear Gel is an antiperspirant. It won’t protect your pits from a shiv, but it’ll keep the stink-n-drip down.

    actually, your premise isn’t too far off. It’s already started (in certain parts of the country) to infect the black and hispanic community (and perhaps the redneck community).

    i can honestly say if i saw a crime going down that didn’t affect anyone’s immediate safety, etc, i’d forever keep my mouth shut about it. that is an attitude that definitely carried over from prison.

    i’ll never be a snitch (though I could step in myself and gank the bejesus out of someone trying to hurt somebody else). So in that area I am anti social, siding with the criminal element by default rather than *doing my civic duty* as it were.

  10. amy permalink
    October 10, 2007 11:55

    i was feeling unusually girly. what can i say.

    i’ve known criminals. i’ve been one. i didn’t have the experience you did, nothing close. i’m not saying i’d like to go hug a rapist or a murderer…but ya know..sometimes there are extenuating circumstances to crimes. sometimes people do things that are outside of their normal selves. shit happens.

    i’m not going to get into all that. its comparative criminology, and not really relevant. what was relevant, was that i was touched by it. on a visceral level. and what i saw in it, and felt from it, was the lonliness inherent in being faced with that reality day in and day out for an unknown and possibly lengthy period of time.

    what i do know about prison, being in it, living in that culture…could fill maybe a couple pages. Its not much. What I know about humanity, about being lonely from fear and paranoia…could fill a couple of books…decent sized paperbacks at the least…and that is what made me want to hug you.

  11. October 10, 2007 12:32


    i can make sense of that, i suppose.

    it was just, of all the reactions i might’ve expected from that post, *hugs* would not have even made the discard pile, let alone the actual list.

    but thank you.

    funny thing about prison, it makes you both desperate for human contact and leery of it at the same time because the sort of treachery i wrote about in this post is exactly the sort of thing that pops to the front of the brain when confronted with the possibility of actual contact.

    let me tell you, i was a bloody wreck when i first hit the streets after 8 years down.

    just walking through a mall had me twitchy as hell

  12. amy permalink
    October 10, 2007 14:45

    i’m weird. so sue me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    but like i said, paranoia of other things from other backgrounds has similar effects. I still can’t tolerate being in places where I might get bumped by random strangers. It makes me crazy.

    you’re welcome. don’t forget to tell your wife i’m an ugly hag ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. October 10, 2007 14:54

    i don’t lie to my wife.

    anyway, she knows she’s my heart.

  14. amy permalink
    October 11, 2007 01:31

    lol. well ya know…just in case. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d love to meet her. You seem like you are very much in love with her, I’m sure she’s wonderful.

  15. October 11, 2007 14:47

    i am. she is. :mrgreen:

  16. October 11, 2007 15:00


  17. amy permalink
    October 11, 2007 19:17

    tee hee. she blushed… loll

  18. October 11, 2007 20:47

    she’s sweet like that.

    waves @ blushing bride ๐Ÿ˜‰

    *wonders what bride is thinking about to be blushing so hard*

  19. October 11, 2007 22:08

    get yer azz home and find out… ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  20. October 12, 2007 10:55

    got azz home

    found out


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