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funnnny sh!t

October 6, 2007

i saw this saying on an old lady’s t-shirt today ::

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seen on the back of a 4wd redneck bubbamobile ::

low riders are for boys who can’t get it up

husband/wife humor ::

my wife has asked me if i will still love her when her hair turns grey.

dunno why she asks. i’ve loved her through six or seven other colors :mrgreen:

post modern grocery store ::

@ the natural foods expo in baltimore last week two vendors were talking about the grocery store of the future.

excited, the first said to the second,

“when you walk up to the fresh salad greens, you’ll hear the low rumble of thunder and smell the fresh scent of rain. and over by the fruit, you’ll hear jungle birds singing and smell bananas and mangos large as day. over by the veggies we’ll pump in the smell of fresh buttered corn to the sounds of a sizzling grill. and over by the milk you’ll hear cows lowing and smell the scent of fresh hay.”

when the first fellow paused to draw breath, the second chimed in,

“well that all sounds fabulous, but no way am i buying my toilet paper there.”

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