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red interviews the cat juggler

September 22, 2007

so MsNaughtyHeather @ extemporaneous interviewed red over @ drPepperIsGood4theSoul

and red subsequently asked if anyone else wanted to be interviewed.

several of us decided that would be fun.

this is my interview ::

who is the biggest wuss :: batman, superman, or spiderman?

hrm . . . well, they all run around in tights. so that’s a point off for all three, but spidey is bold enough to let his skinny spandex covered tail hang out, whereas the bat and the soup both cover their privates with outside-the-pants underwear and a cape.

soup loses another point for being damn near invincible. it’s just too easy to be tough when only one substance in the known universe is harmful to you and there are only little bits of it here and there.

bat looses another point for all the toys & gadgets he hides behind.

honestly he isn’t even a real superhero in my eyes. he’s just a rich kid with a lot of rich kid toys who likes to run around in drag and tromp up on bad guys to assuage his conscience for being a rich prick.

also, his best friends in the whole wide world are a fussy old man and a young boy who runs around in underwear and a t-shirt.

and his bad-guys aren’t so super either. they are just mortal megalomaniacs with the means to build stupid and easily escaped traps and want to take over the city – batman never has global enemies like superman.

most of spidey’s enemies aren’t global either, but he also roughs it up with street thugs and organized crime bosses and still manages to hold down a day job.

of course, soup holds a day job as well, but come on, the man has no clue when it comes to disguises. remove the glasses and pull down the forelock in a curlicue?

so maybe the jury is out on soup and spidey as to which is toughest.

but i’m gonna call the bat the wimp of the trio. he’s got heart. but he’s got no superpowers.

you must choose to be one for the rest of your life :: celibate or gay. which is it?

hrm . . . to take the dick or not to take the dick, that is the question. well, no, not really, i guess.

there is a quick and easy answer to this question, but for the purpose of keeping my answers interesting i’ll break it down so folk can see my reasoning.

i have any man’s curiosity (fascination?) with homosexual fantasy. the notion intrigues me and i do not find it abhorrent or repellent in the least. i could have a sexual relationship with a man and probably come out none the worse for wear.

the thing is, despite all that, i am firmly heterosexual.

in the secret realms of my own mind i can spin out fantasies that promise satisfaction and fulfillment, but i know myself well enough to know that confronted with the actuality of a homosexual encounter i would probably be singularly disinterested.

furthermore, i tend to be pretty self-contained.

i love sex, and i am as sexually active as i am able within the bounds of my marriage, but 8 1/2 years in prison taught me that i can indeed do without. that the loss of that aspect of my life would not leave me crippled or helpless – horny to be sure – but my life wouldn’t be at an end.

so i am going to have to say, given the choice i would surely choose celibacy.

what one moral do you hope that your kids keep with them always?

that is easy. integrity. emphasis on the gritty. society expects us to live up to a certain standard of behavior no matter what our personal code of ethics and beliefs might be.

the saying *to thine own self be true* might, on the surface, seem selfish . . . but it is also the only way you will ever be any good to anyone else.

people notice when we sublimate our beliefs. they see when we contradict ourselves.

remaining true to your own moral code of ethics – even a twisted code of ethics – creates an atmosphere of trust and draws people to us – because people are drawn to the truly unique.

there is a reason we all liked hannibal lechter in silence of the lambs.

he was a sick f*ck

but you knew where you stood with him.

what were you like in grade school?

class clown. in a bad way. i was that kid who pulled your chair out from under you many more times than was funny. when i wasn’t being an @ss i was mastering the game of chess and reading everything i could get my hands on.

i had a vivid imagination and loved to explore my world

that part hasn’t changed.

are you mechanically inclined?

yes. yes, i am. but machines don’t like me. and while i can probably fix it (if i don’t break it in a rage first) there will be much shouting and cussing in the process.

bonus :: what in the world does brahnamin mean?

brahm was a character in a story i was writing.

i sent the story on to a female inmate i knew at another facility (murdered her mother, stabbed her step father multiple times, and ran off in the family suv. you know, so she was like objective and stuff).

she said i should change the character’s name to brahnamin because it sounded more *woodsy*

i agreed.

subsequently, i used the name for several role playing characters (when we were allowed to play in prison) and when i got out it became my nom de guerre online.


red tells me this is the kid/family friendly interview. i told her to bring it on if she has more . . . erm . . . probing questions.

my kids do look at my blog on occasion, but they are quick to slide past the *grown-up* stuff.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Red permalink
    September 22, 2007 10:39

    Ha! Excellent answers, love the way you broke things down. And I do agree on the Batman idear.

  2. September 22, 2007 10:50

    :mrgreen: -batman is a weenie
    😳 *looks around to make sure batman didn’t overhear* 😳

  3. September 23, 2007 10:59

    That’s a fantastic idea . . . blogger interviews. And this one will be impossible to top. Well done.

  4. September 23, 2007 12:08

    wanna be interviewed? i could email you some questions

  5. September 24, 2007 08:37

    Sure. I’m for it.

  6. September 24, 2007 11:20

    questions are in this week’s c a t & m o u s e

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