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my life :: 1989 (age 19-20)

September 15, 2007

bobby brown learned a big word i had been using since i was 10

janet jackson (miss jackson, if you’re nasty) missed me much

gaffed between dropping out of college and dropping into reality

took a job 5 states away to escape my life

it was not far enough

not by a long cry

completed lifeguard certification

kissed a girl i had no business kissing

milli vanilli had not yet been found out

and roxette still had the look

learned to coax moths to land on my hand

(if you can sweat, you can do it)

madonna demanded i express myself

i ignored her

she didn’t send anybody after me

threw a knife into a door jamb in front of the boss

in front of his nose to be precise

about 6 inches in front of his nose

(as long as we’re being precise)

he fired me

………dad committed suicide

i hadn’t seen him since i was 4

but the new fags on the rag were hangin tough, so i put a brave face on things

i met my half sister for the first time @ the funeral

no open casket

dad had had a good long time to rot before they found him

she put a single rose on the casket

i remember wishing i had thought of that

my brother did not attend the funeral

years later he went and pissed on the grave

my brother is an @sshole, but in this instance i can’t blame him

guns and roses welcomed me to the jungle and took me down to paradise city

my first love was all but in the toilet

but a new love was on the horizon

(i did not know this yet)

don henley’s hit, the end of the innocence, came in number 100 on billboard this year, but it sums up those 365 days quite nicely for me.

i still like that song

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