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defining male fantasy

August 30, 2007

okay, the question *what do guys want* may seem like a no brainer

but honestly, if guys were as easy to figure out as girls like to pretend, we wouldn’t be the source of all their problems

lets look at some of the typical aspects of male fantasy ::

voyeurism ::

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it is a truism that all women are exhibitionists; all men are voyeurs (the exceptions only prove the rule)

men are visual creatures.

we like to watch. even when we are participating (and don’t get me wrong, we like that, too) we like to watch.

visualization is part of our sexuality

probably to a greater extent than women

[given what heterosexual women have to look @ that is probably a kindness from god or the universe one – though not so great a kindness as making men pretty might have been]

girl on girl ::

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this seems to fascinate all str8 men. i don’t know why.

well, that is not precisely true. i just don’t have the lifetime it would take to explain the *why* to a woman (and of course, no need to explain it to a man).

fortunately, the sexual revolution is over – sex won – and women are starting to be pleasantly freer with their sexuality.

with men

and with each other

and with each other around men

i know many women who are offended by this phenomena, but i for one applaud it – and that is not just me being a typical male piglet.

it is an extreme that some girls will crawl all over one another (at a club or wherehaveyou) for the sole purpose of making the guys hot.

it’s the pendulum of repression swinging wide the other way.

the ultimate expression of holding all the power as it were

and i think as girls who are raised in this more open sexual environment grow into womanhood and begin raising the next generation this trend will ease back towards the middle again.

for now, none of the guys are mad (see Voyeurism)

attitude ::

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this is a bit of a dichotomy and a biased one at that, i’ll admit.

because most men also want a woman to be demure in the appropriate places as well. i am fortunate that my wife mastered both *attitude* and *coy* at her mother’s apron strings.

i can live without demure at this point.

but i love a woman with attitude.

i can be a rough guy to be around and i want a woman who is not afraid to stand up to me. and more importantly – is never afraid to be herself.



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  1. August 30, 2007 15:51

    I’m with you there . . . I’m one big ass and I can be overwhelming with my opinions and attitudes . . . I NEED someone who can look me in the eye and say, “you’re wrong.” it grounds me. Sometimes it pisses me off – mostly when I’ve been wrong.

    I like confidence and self-sufficiency. Keep demure somewhere else because I’m not good at guessing games and neediness.

    Excellent post.

  2. August 30, 2007 16:04

    but i’m still hiding behind the couch until some of the women chime in

  3. The 2 Witches permalink
    August 30, 2007 16:41

    I know that one of the things about me that has always appealled to my hubby is that I have managed to still be able to come off as naive and innocent after 14 years of being intimate, 2 children, and many moments of doing things that good girls just shouldn’t do. LOL

    I also know that I have been my most attractive not at any given age or weight but during those times when I reveled in my own sexuality

    Mama Kelly

  4. August 30, 2007 17:34

    i could say the same of my wife

    we haven’t had the long run that you have yet (at least not together) but we know things about each other that would make the devil blush and scorch an angel’s wings

    and we both still have those uncertain moments

    but we also have those moments that are so certain the slightest touch seems to go beyond just skin

  5. Red permalink
    August 31, 2007 00:11

    I like to be watched.
    I like girl-on-girl action. I like participating in girl-on-girl action.
    I like knowing I CAN be myself around my husband. And I am. Attitude an’ all.

  6. August 31, 2007 05:56

    and this is why i like the age we live in :mrgreen:

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