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licking labels

August 29, 2007

so what does the mumbo jumbo on the product label really mean?

if it’s on the front of the package there’s a good chance it means nothing. lets take a look at some common terms.

all natural ::

legally this term means absolutely nothing. any company at all can put this label on any product. your bicycle can be labeled as all natural

organic ::

certified organic products are permitted to carry the usda seal and must be made with 100% organic ingredients (excluding salt and water) if it is labeled as 100% organic, or 90 organic ingredients if it is just labeled organic.


products labeled as made with organic ingredients must be made of 70% organic ingredients and will not carry the usda seal

cholesterol free ::

to bear this label the food in question must contain fewer than 2 mg cholesterol and fewer than 2 grams of saturated fat per serving.

lite, light, and reduced calorie ::

to be called lite or light a product must contain 1/3 less calories than in the original version OR no more than half the fat or sodium of the original product

to be labeled as reduced calorie it must have at least 25% fewer calories than comparable foods of the same type

in the end, the front of the package is never where to look to find your health information. read the nutrition facts and the ingredients on the back or side panel to find out what’s really in there!



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