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pic at the nic

August 15, 2007

easy day @ work today.

it’s our company picnic. blech. wouldn’t be so bad if i hadn’t landed myself on the *committee* to plan, set up, execute, and clean up after this event

last year i had a good boss.

he had the event catered and bonused any team members who helped (on top of their salary).

this year help is mandatory, and while i will get paid for my time (but not bonused) i have no choice whatsoever in whether or not i participate.

it wouldn’t be so bad if everybody was helping . . . but it’s like just six of us out of a staff of 140

still, i guess i can’t complain. free lunch and all. and i’ll get a full 8 hours pay for about 4 hours work.

i love my job . . . oop . . . sorry . . . didn’t mean to drip sarcasm all over your blouse there

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  1. August 15, 2007 12:29

    Ummmmm I’m not wearing a blouse 😳

  2. August 15, 2007 22:26

    erm – ty 4 the update

    *shuffles away humming Aqualung*

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