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stephen's Simples :: twice baked Potatoes

June 13, 2007

this is actually my wife’s recipe.

imagine combining the bombastic magnificence of a fully loaded baked potato and the creamy taste and texture of garlic mashed potatoes and you’ll have some idea what this recipe is all about.

take 6 large potatoes (the big russet potatoes with the thick brown skin)

poke holes in them with a fork or knife tip and bake @ 350 for about 2 hours.

take the potatoes out and let them cool.

when you’re ready, cut the potatoes in half and scoop the meat of the potatoes into a mixing bowl (save skins).

add 1/4 cup of sour cream and 2 tsp butter or margarine and 1/4 cup milk to the bowl with a dash of salt and fresh minced garlic to taste.

blend with mixer til smooth and scoop back into skins (the potato mix should come up over the tops of the potato skins and you should end up with skins left over).

top with shredded cheese (i like sharp cheddar) and real bacon bits and chives or parsley for color

bake @ 350 for 20 more minutes.

serve hot with sour cream (serves4)

note: you gained 3 lbs just reading this and if you are on any kind of diet you should in no wise make or consume this recipe.

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  1. June 14, 2007 07:31


    Sounds good.

    We’re on a BBQ streak right now. . . . any ideas how to modify for a BBQ?

  2. June 14, 2007 07:38

    you can do these on a grill. cook them like you would a normal baked potato; take them off and let them cool and pick up the recipe from there.

  3. June 14, 2007 10:43

    you jerk… I don’t NEED 3 more fricken pounds!

    seriously, sounds yummy & very much similar to ones I used to make, only added bacon in mix before scooping back in 🙂

  4. June 14, 2007 10:49

    i like the bacon on top so it crisps, but i’ve put it inside too

  5. June 19, 2007 20:17

    No, no! Anathema to a bodybuilder!

  6. June 19, 2007 20:54

    well, now, that depends on what shape said builder is going for

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