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drop the underwear, Girls!

May 23, 2007

this conversation is actually happening right now, 7:16 am (EST), as my kids get ready for school

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my 9 year old son (commanding voice from the other room) ::

drop the underwear, girls!

my 10 and 11 year old daughters (indignant) ::

C****! (shouting their brother’s name)

my 9 year old son (continuing in commanding voice) ::

drop it!

drop the underwear, girls!

drop the underwear, girls!

drop it, i said!

drop it, NOW!

(my son is into repetitious chanting as a means to annoy) 

it is about this time my corgi-pom mix (collar jingling, head held hight) comes prancing into the kitchen, my daughter’s pink panties gripped happily in her teeth, dragging them under her body like a miniature wolf-wannabe dragging fresh kill, my towel-clad little boy chasing behind her, one hand clutching the towel, the other hand swatting at our other puppy who has now decided that pulling on his towel is much more fun than pantie-raiding.


i love my life- :mrgreen:

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  1. May 23, 2007 10:01


  2. May 23, 2007 12:36

    I have tears running down my face from laughing so hard… I wish I had been there to see that slice of life…

    Too funny!

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