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10 reasons i'd never wanna be a Woman

May 17, 2007

(posted in no particular order)

i’d miss being able to pee standing up.


having to deal with the male superiority complex from the wrong side

skirts and dresses in general

bridesmaid’s dresses in particular


condescending auto mechanics

lace thongs (link NSFW)

having to listen to my friends bawl and pretend to care

blow jobs (link NSFW)

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  1. May 17, 2007 14:23

    Whooo…how about a warning next time on the links…lol.

    I certainly wasn’t expecting that.

  2. May 17, 2007 15:25

    erm . . . i did.

    link NSFW = link Not Safe For Work

    :mrgreen: -perhaps i was too subtle

  3. May 17, 2007 15:26

    Guess I am getting old. I was unfamiliar with that particular abbreviation. lol.

  4. May 17, 2007 15:27

    erm, and plus the links were called *lace thong* and *blow job* respectively.

    or was it that sexy pic of dr. house (erroneously labeled *male superiority complex*) that threw you?


  5. May 17, 2007 15:28

    yeah, i just learned it from my wife about 3 months ago, so don’t feel bad.

  6. May 17, 2007 15:30

    I clicked on the thong one. Not sure what I expected…lol.

    House is awesome- although I could do with a lot less of the lame Chase-Cameron love story.

  7. May 17, 2007 15:38

    aye . . . but lameness has it’s place in the universe

    it makes the cool look that much cooler

  8. May 17, 2007 21:35

    I know you had fun finding those pics!

  9. May 18, 2007 07:03

    i took the first one from each page, thank you very much.

  10. Red permalink
    May 18, 2007 07:54

    Your last reason is one of my favorite reasons to being a woman :]

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