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morning Wood

April 26, 2007

i’m a guy

that means most days i wake up with a hard on. i know for some guys this is just a casual fact of life. if sex is offered, great, if not, no big deal.

i actually wake up horny

for whatever reason this is the time of day that i am most willing and able and ready to have sex. i loooooooove morning sex.

i usually don’t get morning sex.

but when i do, i love it

my wife is exactly the opposite.

she likes sex best in the evenings, and that is when we usually have sex.

no, my wife is not a tyrant, that is just how our schedules work out most days. in fact, most days she is not even there when i wake up in the morning. she’s already gone off to work and there i lay, horny as hell with not a lot to do about it.

of course, i could take care of the problem myself, but after 8 years in prison masturbation has kinda lost it’s thrill . . .

today, rarity of rarities, we woke up together, but today is kids day at her work.

instead of getting some i got to herd sleepy children


all in a day, i guess.

but i miss the days when we both worked later hours and woke up together

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