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keep your laws off my body, old Man!

April 5, 2007

so i’m going to work the other day, cruisin along behind this little green honda, when i notice this sticker on the bumper that reads ::


keep your laws

off my body


okay, so i make a bet with myself and speed up. i’m figurin it’s either some peppy activist cheerleader behind the wheel or buzz-cut bertha in a fashion statement of comfy cozy flannel.

my money’s on bertha.

i pull up alongside the honda and look across.

crouched over the steering wheel is a wizened little man who must’ve been @ least six years older than god.


i wonder if his grandaughter knows pops rolled away with her ride?

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  1. April 5, 2007 18:36

    Good one

  2. April 7, 2007 02:08

    I would have voted for Bertha too… a little old dude eh? That’s pretty funny.

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