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internet security for Kids

April 4, 2007

as a family we attend church only irregularly these days

but my daughter has a friend who invited her to come to their church on Tuesday nights for youth church.

so anyway, this week they taught the girls about internet security, how to keep their information private, how to spot *trick* questions, etc . . .

now we monitor our daughter’s internet usage pretty carefully.

google is set to safe search

chat rooms are verboten

and we religiously go into her history to see where she’s been

and, of course, we have already had this same chat with her that they had in the class (and i am not at all upset that she got a *refresher* there at the church)

no, what strikes me as funny about the whole thing is that the first time she went to this youth thingy they gave her a one-page directory of the other girls in her class.

this directory is full color, has a picture of each little girl prominently displayed with her home address, home phone number, and email address.

twelve girls. each girl gets a copy. visiting girls get copies.

you know these girls are giving copies to friends @ school.

you know it would only take ONE GIRL to drop one on the ground or have the wrong fela see it tacked up on her bulletin board at home, etc . . .


and they are teaching these kids *security*

heaven help us.


my inspiration for this post, three months after the fact?


i found my daughter’s copy just laying on the kitchen floor.

thought of it ending up in the trash or on the ground outside and wondering where it might go from there . . . hrm?


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  1. internet security for Kids

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