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addendum to *land of the Free*

March 26, 2007

once upon a time i quoted sir john Harrington on my blog. the gist of that tongue-in-cheek quip on treason fits well with what i wish to add to my previous post ::

the only thing that made our fouding fathers patriots instead of traitors ::

they Won


and that is all that ever seperates a patriot from crow meat.

it is all that ever will.

in america we have become used to the *right* of being able to stand up and speak our minds. but that *right* can vanish in an instant.

that may not be pretty to think about, but it is true.

talk all you want of traitors, but in the end a patriot is someone who wants to actively defend or change the status quo. and he may have to pay the ultimate price to do so

if he falls on the wrong side of history he may pay the price of shame as well.

that is a patriot.

the rest of us are just citizens.


now i am going to log off, for once again, i find myself coming perilously close to agreeing with brent Roos

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