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the Leaving

March 23, 2007

in the brief glint of sunlight

diamonds balanced gently on trembling lashes

then melted

to stream down her face

abandoned children

shattering on her breasts like rape

he was gone.

he would never be back again

never kiss her skin again

never hold her hand again,

fingers entwined,

ten horny little lovers refusing to let go of one another

and she could not follow

he led

but her feet wouldn’t carry her while her heart still beat

true heart?

false heart?

who could say?

her heart had brought her here today

but one day she knew her heart would betray him


one day

but not today

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  1. March 24, 2007 21:31

    just a note ::
    my wife asked me if this poem was about a personal experience. she didn’t think it was about her, but she wondered if it was about some other girlfriend or freind i had had in my past.

    it really isn’t.

    the poem is about a woman standing at her lover’s grave. there is no back story for this one. it is a purely speculative poem.

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