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10 types of blogs ranked in no apparent Order

March 17, 2007

slice o’ life Blog ::

i’ll start with this blog as it is the one i am most familiar with. the sort of blog i write myself.

slice o’ life is just that. a little glimpse into a person’s life that you would otherwise not get. voyeurism at its pixelated best.

i like to imagine, done properly, that if you follow such a blog for a year or more there just won’t BE 5 things you don’t know about this blogger.

slice o’ life is more stream of consciousness than anything. one day might offer a video clip or internet quiz, the next a long thesis on why toilet paper is better than sandpaper. but primarily it will be categorized by personal stories of reasonable relevance.

slice o’ life blogs are meant to be read and shared, but they are *for* the author more than the audience.

haircut Blog ::

from the outside, the haircut blog resembles a slice o’ life blog gone ‘wrong’

it contains personal minutiae that no one really much wants to read about. paying the bills, waxing the car, getting a haircut . . . etc.

and not the cool versions of these stories where you find out you over paid a bill and get money back, or pat moria’s agent comes and congratulates you on your form whilst waxing your car, or the barber spits baccy in your kid’s new do and now you’re suing the shop for all it’s worth.

these blogs are generally mundane, boring, slow, and all around burdensome to read

and the author doesn’t care.

because this blog isn’t for you. it’s for her. you can read if you like, but this blog is not about entertaining the masses or building stats, it is about what it is about and it is for who it is for and it makes no appologies for either.

lowdown from the hometown Blog ::

another take on the slice o’ life blog is the “local” blog. i live in suburbia. local for me is pretty interchangeable with most of suburban america.

chicago bloggers, new york bloggers, people who live in a locale with real personality often end up writing this sort of slice o’ life blog.

the rest of us can follow along, but only a local is going to get the bulk of the referrences

desperately seeking relevance Blog ::

this is the blog that tries too hard to matter to everybody. on this blog you will see many memes, but also articles on current popular events and obscure *scholastics*

you will also see political posts, but not the nut-job stuff, just the mainstream (anna nichol’s death was extensively covered, 9-11 conspiracies probablly never will be).

this blogger generally posts several times a day and rarely, if ever, misses a day

this blog often succeeds, near as i can tell based on the number of visitors i see on just about every blog of this sort.

the recycler Blog ::

this is the blogger who never blogs.

the recycler blogger surfs other blogs and links or simply swipes content (usually giving credit-i assume for link value) but rarely writes/posts anything original

the meme-machine Blog ::

due to my loathing of internet quizzes, this is one of my less favorite blog types.

meme-machine blogs are blogs that try to get other people to play along.

some are very good. these are generally the ones who create their own content, ask relevant questions, and just in general dig in where people can’t help but be interested.

some suck, doing nothing but surfing the net for 10-question quizzes that reveal such in depth revelations as *what kind of snack food are you?*


the political/religious Blog ::

i will lump these two together, though they are technically different categories.

these are the extremist blogs. they are republican or democrat or baptist, etc.

most, i have noted, are extremely intollerant of opposing views. a rare few (usually religious rather than political) are a bit more open within a certain framework.

and some are actually helpful, interesting slice o’ life blogs that happen to be religious and act as a hub to bring information relevant to that group together in one place

the irreverent Blog ::

this is the blog that pokes fun at any institution that takes itself too seriously. this is the anti-political/religious blog.

these are fun, but they can become pedantic if that is the only reason they exist.

the freak show Blog ::

these are bloggers who embrace their abberant side and put it on display for the whole world. they are usually fun blogs, though sometimes they can be a bit pushy, *demanding* that a world they know doesn’t even want to look thier way take them seriously.

the topical/professional Blog ::

and finally, some blogs follow a particular topic almost exclusively. technology. photography. cooking. careers. etc.

these bloggers may blog for money, but many do it just because they have a solid interest in their field.

the most interesting ones also manage to be personal and even interactive.

this isn’t meant to be definitive. there are other blog types out there i am sure. collective blogs, ones with several contributors, are very hard to pin down to type.

and there are individuals with a wide range of experience and intent whose blogs embrace several of the above types.

but these represent the bulk of the blogs i have come across on the web thus far.

one final blog type i am certain exists, and it may begin life as any of the above blogs, and that is

the defunct blog ::

the defunct blog is one that looks interesting and active, but upon closer inspection you will see the author has abandoned (or nearly abandoned) his work.

his once thriving metropolis is now a ghost town.

these blogs are most frustrating when you discover them just prior to their abandonment and a blog you have grown fond of just kind of fades away.


life happens.

people move on.

but it is still sometimes a little disappointing

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  1. Crystal permalink
    March 17, 2007 22:31

    So, uhm, which am I?

  2. March 17, 2007 23:02

    you have always seemed a slice o’ lifer to me. i have said before, elsewhere, that you are the blogger who got me into blogging because i really liked your style and i liked what you were doing.

    in the last couple of months you have vascillated between slice o’ life and defunct and i pray dilligently that you don’t let your blog go dead on us because (excepting your occasional glen beck fascination) it is a consistently good read.


    life happens

    and everybody needs some down-time every once in awhile.

  3. March 17, 2007 23:12

    What am I?

  4. March 17, 2007 23:37

    slice o’ life with maybe a little bent towards topical.

    of course, that is because i know how into popular culture you really are.

    someone looking on might class you as *meme machine* or *desperately seeking relevance* due to all the videos and pop-news topics.

    i happen to know you are really into all that stuff, so to me it’s you being you. but even looking on, the overwhelming number of personal posts would lead me to say *slice o’ life*


    one thing i’d like to say to everybody looking on, is that i hope this list doesn’t cause anyone to change their tenor or strive to force their blog to fit into a particular listed category. because that would just suck.

    this post was never supposed to carry the weight of *good* or *bad* (i have my preferences, but they are just that, my preferrences, and there are exceptions in nearly every category that balance how well i will like a particular blog)

    in true ‘slice o’ life’ style, this list was really intended more for my refernce than for my audience. a rough mental map that i commited here so i wouldn’t forget it.

  5. March 18, 2007 00:14

    I’m curious which you place me in 😉

  6. eloi permalink
    March 18, 2007 08:35

    In which categories you fall?

  7. March 18, 2007 09:38

    @ joey
    ugh (this is going to become a trend, isn’t it?) yours is one of those blogs that is hard to define. i love your blog. and if i had to catagorize it i would say it’s a very personal multi-topical blog.

    you post pop-cultural stuff. you post personal posts, you post memey stuff, and you post on various topics of general interest. maybe i would dub thee *uber blogger* like my wife, you fit into several categories

    as i said in the first paragraph of my post, i consider myself a slice o’ life blogger. most of my posts are of a personal nature. even my comics. some of it is topical, and a very tiny slice of my blog is recycled. but mostly everything i post comes back to my life and how i experience it.

  8. March 18, 2007 10:43

    thanks branamin. . . .you opened up that can of worms, and I love a good ride on the bandwagon as much as the next. . . . 😉 I love trends. . . . .and fads. . . . .does anyone else remember safety pinning the legs of their jeans?

  9. Crystal permalink
    March 18, 2007 11:33

    I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been blogging in various places for over seven years. It’s the habit that I just can’t kick.

    Oh, and I quite like being a little trendsetter. 😉

  10. March 18, 2007 17:03

    thou shalt not mention pegged-legged trousers @ jugglingCats

    of course you do…ugh…and i thought this post would ring in @ a big *nothing*

  11. March 18, 2007 20:47

    ahhhhhhhh. . . .so you DO rememeber. . . . .

    I miss the 80s. . . . and punk music. . . . ..

  12. March 18, 2007 20:55

    Yikes! Joey… your face changed!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  13. March 18, 2007 21:00

    not only do i remember, i went through a stage of wearing them.

    and now my secret shame is public fodder.

  14. March 19, 2007 11:12

    yeah, I did that too. . .

    with the oversized off the shoulder tshirt with a tshirt ties at the bottom.

    Of course I was wearing legwarmers and teased bangs too.

    worse part, I was in Elementary school at the time, and it was my MOM who dressed me like that so I’d be cool.

    I’m not sure if I’m thankful or scared!

  15. March 19, 2007 11:19

    i am afraid i have only myself to blame. mom was rather more sensible than i when it came to fashion.

    no halter tops for me.

    though i did do the don johnson frumply sportscoat thing with the sleeves rolled up.

  16. March 19, 2007 12:34

    N E O N colours. . . . .

    ahhhhhhhh, neon colours. . ..

  17. March 19, 2007 12:39

    yeah, i had the fat shoelaces @ one point.

    ugh…i even had a pair of orange hightops. not orange trimmed, mind, actual orange shoes.

  18. May 7, 2007 20:00

    very smart =)


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