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you just can't make this stuff Up

March 16, 2007

okay, so i grew up on country music, and i have to say, the kings and queens of twang consistently manage to surprise. that is to say, every time i think someone has come out with the hokiest country song ever, some hillbilly manages to top the effort. lately this seems to be happening with frightening regularity.


these days i don’t listen to country much

but it still beats comercials or the fourth playing of evanescence in as many hours

so, occasionally, i’ll tune in.

tonight when my choices dwindled to replayed news, commercials, or disco, well, country seemed like a viable option.

oh, how wrong i wert.

the song ::

high maintenance woman (don’t want no maintenance man)

the culprit ::

toby Kieth

[color me soooo not surprised]

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  1. March 16, 2007 22:34

    Yummm Toby…/sigh

    Quit being so jealous dear!

  2. March 16, 2007 23:00

    i am jealous only of the man’s paycheck.

    the fact that he draws one with songs like that is further fodder for joey’s opinion of the intelligence level of the american public.

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