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naked world

March 8, 2007

sometimes i see the world naked. maybe that is not as unusual as i think it is. maybe everybody does it. or maybe it’s a guy thing.

i suspect it’s just me.

or me and a small handful of twisted minds scattered like errant weeds across the globe.

i think the guys will mostly agree with me that we have all, at one time or another, been guilty of undressing someone with our eyes.

or at least giving it the old college try.

that little excercize is mostly sexual in intent, and often drunk or pathetic in nature.

now i won’t say i don’t still do that. in fact, my wife will attest i do it to her regularly.

but sometimes i also find myself caught up in an asexual version of this game, where everyone i look at is stripped bare. no secrets, no illusions, nothing to hide behind. modesty and sexuality are both thrown out the window and people are just people.

it is a freeing edeavor.

creepy to those of you looking on, but for me it strips people to the same vulnerable place i live in 24/7. again, not sexual. spiritual, perhaps, or psychological. maybe just psychotic. but when i see people that way, i begin to see them as human. people who had authority over me or who might once have looked down on me are now on my level.

and people i might once have scorned take on a nobility i would not otherwise have credited them.

it has become a game of sorts, that i will occasionally fool friends and family by pointing and saying suddenly, “look! a naked girl with clothes on!”

but it is also a simple truth.

underneath our clothes we are all the same. vulnerable, frail, human. some who have made their bodies temples stand up to scruitiny a little better than most, perhaps . . . but in the jungle of life heMan and sheRa haven’t got much of an edge on the rest of us.

in the end death comes for all.

and long before then we all manage to look ridiculous to someone.

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  1. March 9, 2007 01:14

    Very good post. Thought provoking, wise, and humorous.

    Everyone is not so different, once we all shed the levels of crap –not just clothes but egos, titles, labels, etc.

    Anyway, this is pure brilliance brahnamin!

  2. March 9, 2007 09:08

    okay, now i think you’re just trying to get me into bed 😉

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