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recycling Condoms

March 3, 2007

a woman was asked how she felt about condoms. she replied, ‘well that all depends on what’s in it for me.’

what do you call 5 condoms with drums and guitars?

a rubber band!

how to re-use a condom ::

turn it inside out and wash the f*ck out of it

“dude, what do they mean by ‘lubricated with sperm inside?’ that’s just sick, man”

:: teenager overheard watching a condom comercial on TV

did you hear about the little no-tell motel that had pretensions of grandeur? the maid staff left mint condoms on the pillows.

do ribbed condoms come in BBQ flavor?

if women designed condoms they’d be padded.



:: brought to you by the coallition for jacketed monkeys

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