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epic Love

March 2, 2007

many of you who follow my blog know i met my wife when she was in high school (and i was a college drop out). in fact, i was her boss at *little Sneezers* (a popular pizza-pizza place back in the late eighties).

we were together for nearly four years and she stood by me through some serious sh*t.

we talked about everything. especially religion. i was raised baptistish and she was raised calvinist and there were times you’d have thought we were from different planets so differently did we view our spirituality.

but there was one thing we seemed to agree on.

heaven was a place where there would be plenty of time for everything.

that probablly sprung in part from the concept of *eternal* consistently being attached to the concept of an afterlife in both our demoninations (no, that is not a spelling error), but also i think it sprang from the fact that all of our sweetest moments were stolen. we were forever wishing we had more time and sneaking every minute we could wrangle to be together.

still, in less than four years we had gone our seperate ways.

i ended up kicking around for a bit then pulling a second term in prison.

she ended up married with children.

(and to kill the suspense, no, i shan’t be making the obvious joke, here)

we found out later that we both spent the better part of that time longing for each other.

i knew she was married. i knew i had no chance. but the funny thing is, it was one of those inconsequential blurbs from our time together that kept me going over the decade that followed our separation.

in one of our talks about heaven, i told her the thing i looked forward to most was seeing her there.

i told her i’d wait by the tree of life.

i told her when she showed up i just wanted to take the first 10,000 years just holding her hand and walking along the river of life to see where it went.

i don’t know if she took me seriously or not, but she said “it’s a date”

and in the darkest times i’d sit and think about that “date”

i looked forward to it.

because, honestly, i never thought i’d see her before then.

well, things have turned out differently than i ever dared to imagine, but sometimes, like tonight, i still find myself looking forward to that “date”

to a time when we have nothing to pull us away from each other.

in the meanwhile, our life is pretty mundane, filled with all the little joys and inconveniences of daily living. and honestly, i don’t think i’d want it to be any other way.

i am happy with my mundane life

because i have an epic love to share it with.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 2, 2007 09:56

    Thats beautiful.

  2. March 2, 2007 11:30

    yes, yes she is, isn’t she 8)

  3. eloi permalink
    March 5, 2007 00:59

    That was so lovely! At least even now your still en each others arms.

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