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how to turn raw talent into a great Career

February 21, 2007

[warning :: if you still have and like your career, some of the links below could seriously put that career in jeopardy should the wrong sort of folks saunter by while you are clicking them @ work] 

 :: filed under *things i know nothing about*

seriously, how does one take raw talent and turn it into money? it has been a morbidly amusing fact of my life that the things i am really good at are not the things i do for a living.

now don’t get me wrong, i’m good at what i do, but i don’t DO what i’m really good at.

not for money anyway

and that is not altruism or any other

*too proud to take money for art ism*

i just don’t know how to start.

i am a good writer. (i is, i tell yous, for really!!11!!!1!)

i can draw damn near anything :: 

from floor plans to nudes to souped up cartoon hotrods.

i just have no clue where to go to turn those skills into hard cash.

yes, i’ve read engtech’s post on

*how to earn a six figure income from blogging in two easy steps*

singularly unhelpful.


but unhelpful in this instance.

i guess this is one of those things that *taking college seriously* would’ve really helped.

*le sigh*

guess i just keep plugging away and looking for an opening.

or maybe i’ll call dilbert

[those cubicle jobs look pretty cool. and if the real people who work in cubicles are anything like the characters in that strip i am soooooo qualified to do that!]

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