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underneath your Clothes

February 17, 2007

my wife was wearing a silky black something last night (forgive my ignorance, if it isn’t a teddy or a thong, i probablly can’t identify it by name).

i was taking her out and we were both dressed up, and underneath her outfit . . . the above described delectible lingerie.

guys, if you haven’t encountered this, you will. it’s a womanism. wearing something sheer and sexy underneath her clothes where you can’t see it apparently makes a woman feel sexier.


i can be for that. a woman who feels sexier is more likely to be sexual.

in any case, your girlfriend probablly doesn’t tell you she is doing this, but marry her and you’ll hear all about it.

so while we are waiting to be seated at the restaurant, my wife and i are discussing the relative merits of various lingerie. and again, i’m all for it-though i still think it looks best on the floor.

anyway, we had a great evening, came home, relaxed, clattered about on the puters while our kids watched some lindsay lohan flick (yeah, borderline child abuse, i know) but even though it’s a friday night, we turn in fairly early. i was in the midst of writing my 60 visitors post, so my wife went ahead of me.

when i finally come into the room, there’s my wife’s lingerie

:: on the floor where i like it ::

and there’s my wife . . . shuffling into a toasty flannel nightgown. i started laughing. looked from her to the neglige’ to her again.

“shut up,” she mutters.

in her defense our room is the coolest in the house. summer. winter. it doesn’t matter. i just found it hillariously funny that she wore her lingerie under her clothes through our entire date and then opts for flannel when it’s time to crawl between the sheets (which are also flannel, btw).

so, ladies, is my wife the odd woman out? or is this a trick the rest of you play, too?

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