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ten ways to annoy someone Special

February 16, 2007
  1.  (point at random girl and exclaim to person next to you) “look, a naked girl with clothes on!” 
  2.  (point at the ground by person’s feet) “you dropped your pocket”
  3. calling dominos (give all your info BEFORE you place this order) :: yeah, i’d like a large pizza with everything, hold the crust. (hang up)
  4. at the drive thru :: yeah, do you deliver?
  5. on your blogroll (especially good for people who beg to be put on your blogroll) :: put the name of a legitimate blog in your roll but cross link it to landover Baptist* or some other obnoxiously worthy site
  6. (egami eht pilf dna pohsotohp uoy fi reisae si siht) sdrawkcab yleritne tsop a od
  7. refer to yourself only in the third person or first person plural (but don’t try to do both at the same time, you’ll hurt yourself)
  8. create an internet quiz that gives the same result no matter how you answer the questions
  9. create a ten-things list with only nine items
  10. There’s nothing here. Go away.

*landover Baptist is a spoof site, not affiliated with an actual church or actual christians (though it does frighteningly accurate portrayals of the stereotypes).

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