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misinterpretations :: why bloom is good but not Great

February 16, 2007

use the self checkout. its easy. we’ll show you…

i know i’ve ranted about this before, but i feel the need to vent again.

bloom just doesn’t get it.

for those of you who don’t follow my blog, or just don’t live in groceryland hell, bloom is owned by the same company that owns foodLion and bottomDollar. recently, they revamped about a dozen foodLion’s near me, morphing a couple into bottomDollars and the bulk of them into blooms.

including the one closest to my house.

i still go in there on a regular basis for convenience. i work in the grocery industry, and no matter what anyone tells you, convenience is king. people will go to the store closest to them (or easiest to get to) rather than drive farther to a store they like better.

in previous rants i know i’ve mentioned the new checkout system at bloom, wherein many formerly manned checkout stations have been turned into self checkout lines.

now, first of all, let me state that i am not against self check out in and of itself . . . so long as there is another option. i mean, i’m not getting a discount to run the register for you or (sometimes) bag my own groceries. in point of fact, prices have actually gone up since the borg bloom assimilated my foodLion.

but they still try to rope me in. instead of opening another register, they try to lure me over to self check.

*the self checkout line is empty, sir* (insert cheerful wall of teeth just begging to be smashed, here)

*no thanks, ill wait behind these five people with shopping carts full of groceries in this one manned line you’ve got open*

*oh, come on, it’s easy, i’ll show you how to do it!* (at this point, if it was legal, i’d wad all her perky up in a ball and force her to swallow it)

*i run a team at a grocery store. i know how to run a register. it’s still bloody inconvenient. stop herding me over to self check and open a line you ditzy slitch*

no amount of anger or resentment on my part seems to sway these perky self-check promoting femme-bots.

one cashier, a supervisor from the old foodLion, when she sees me in the store, will actully run a self-check as if it was a regular check out for me and actually lets me be a customer. she’s good people, but even she still doesn’t really get it (or she has no power to change the status quo).

i’ll say it again :: it is not a ‘convenience’ if there is no other option. it’s a contrivance. and one day i am going to rebel and cart my lazy arse the extra 2.2 miles down the road to giantFoods.

yeah, right

that’ll happen


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