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tyrrany of the down-Sizers

February 12, 2007

back in november i went shopping. i’m a big boy, i shop in the big and tall store.

apparently, in the course of my shopping, i must’ve looked confused, because the manager came over and asked if i was finding things alright.

i offhandedly told him i was, but that my size had apparently changed and it was slowing things down trying to figure out where i was at.

bigger or smaller? he inquired.

not his business, really-[or maybe it was precisely his business]-nevertheless, i answered, smaller.

that’s great! he gushed

and at this point i could only frown at this chucklehead.

two sizes smaller and i no longer give him my business.

thing is, i wasn’t working out, wasn’t on a diet. just got a size smaller.

so when did we become such morbid hounds that we slap every shrinking violet on the back and chuff, good job old son…as if to say, you weren’t so very acceptable as a bigger bloke, but now you’re practically one of us!?


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