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justifying the Snip

January 30, 2007

i live in the *great* commonwealth of virginia . . . emphasis on common . . . and for the most part i have lived here all my life. and though i am creeping up on 40 yrs old, i find my state marketing machine can still surprise me.

it is not just that they seem to think we are all of us a bunch of maroons, but that upon closer inspection i find myself agreeing with them.

this past summer the state mounted a huge campaigne urging pet owners to have their furry little friends spayed or nuetered.

that wasn’t what dinged my bells.

it was the logic put forth in the campaign that baffled me.

the party line basically ran thusly ::

you should get your pets spayed or nuetered because the survival rate among young critters is awfully low.

and then they show sad pictures of sad little critters while a voiceover rambles on about the dangers of life for young defenseless kits and pups. cars, starvation, disease, etc . . .

what baffled me more, however, was the number of people who jumped on this bandwagon and took up the cry, seemingly unperterbed by the fact that the logic was basically :: keep these poor creatures from ever being born so they don’t have to go to the trouble of dying.


now i’m not an elf-hugging tree-boinker. i eat meat and i don’t delude myself that it grows naturally on little styrofoam platters in the back of my grocery store. i know that meat was once a critter, and i know when i am done with it it is going to be a right tasty former critter.

but if you want to sell me on the idea of lopping off my pet’s nu-nus, tell me something sensible. tell me my hard-earned tax dollars are paying to round up strays. tell me that every left nut i collect from my furry friends is one less pothole i have to deal with on the highways.

i get that honesty is a foreign concept to most government agencies and that they are all well certain of our gullability (they got us to vote for them, after all), but honestly . . .

tip o’ the pen to rainCoaster for spurring my brain with this post

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