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:: don't eat snow where the huskies Go!

January 22, 2007

well, we finally got our pathettic little dropping. 2 inches where i live, maybe 1 inch where i work.

i swear it wasn’t that the roads were so bad yesterday as that people were so stupid.

on my way to work i saw one little sports car turned around on the shoulder where it had spun out trying to go too fast. the rest of the culprits (and there were lots) were all 4-wheel drives.

apparently all the bubbas of the world think 4WD = “tackle anything.” clad in their flannel shirts and rolling armored vehicles, they roared out onto the highways with a sense of fearless purpose.

and bit it big time.

on my way to work there were just eddies of snow shifting endlessly across the lanes…and a paper-thin layer of ice underneath.

i kept my distance from the bubbas.

nevertheless, no more than 20 miles from my home, the first one did its trick. the car in front of it wasn’t going fast enough and the truck couldn’t get around and bubba had to tap his brakes. i swear it was like watching a big red cow attempting a slow-motion pirrhouette. he ended up turned completely around in the center lane facing me. joy.

other offenders included suv’s ploughed up into embankments and tumbled over guardrails, pick up trucks flipped over on their sides, and a host of other mini-tragedies along the way.

all of which was right silly with less than a quarter inch of snow on the roads. 

so for all you bubba’s out there that haven’t figured it out yet, 4WD does give you better odds. with all 4 wheels working your chance of traction (if traction is to be had) is increased over 2WD models…but if all 4 wheels are sitting on ice you are just as forked as the next guy. possiblly more so because your vehicles tend to be more top-heavy.

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