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zoinks! like who's afraid of the big bad sc-sc-sc-scarecrow, Scooob?

January 20, 2007

i live a little ways out into what used to be the country. we have wal-mart now, so it ain’t totally rural any more, but the farmer mentality remains.

divided highway, broad medium (12′ across at least), two lanes on either side, no traffic to speak of, speed limit 40.

half way down this road right in the middle of the medium (a raised medium with a curb) sits an empty cop car. we all know it’s empty. the local cops do this all the time (usually on busier roads). the cars in front of me slow down anyway, and i slow down with them to avoid parking my pt cruiser in the trunk of the little tiburon in front of me.

i call these empty squad cars ‘scarecrows’

and as stated above, sadly, they work.

i mean, really, in this county you’ve got even odds that the cop is going to pull along side of you, roll down his window, and tell you to slow down rather than pulling you over and giving you a ticket. (for those readers who know where i live, a cautionary warning :: don’t expect such nice treatment the next county north of here. THOSE bleepards take their speed limits seriously!)

i think i’m going to start keeping greeting cards in my car. something with warner bros roadrunner on the front of it.

then, next time i see a scarecrow, i can pull over and scootch one up under the wiper blade to let our boys in brown (throwback from the days when cops really were farmers and didn’t want the dirt to show) know what a great job they are doing.

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