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christmas Clean-up

January 1, 2007

there’s something about a clean house.

don’t get me wrong, i abhore chores as much as the next red blooded amerihusband, but sometimes you just have to buckle down and do what you’ve got to do, and a thorough house cleaning on the first (including the removal of the tree and all attendant decorations) has become a tradition in our house, with a grab-something-light lunch and a crock of homemade chili simmering all day and the sound of our own querrelous voices playing countertone to the music of grunting and packing and lifting and heaving.

now it is evening. the house is clean. the chili is ready whenever we are.

and we’ve done it as a family.

i could think of worse ways to begin a new year.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic


tip o’ the pen to :: kuri for introducing me to this comic

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