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tripping the Scales

December 27, 2006

i am a libra, the scales, and so fairness and balance figure highly in my worldview. i was born close enough to scorpio, however, to be a little bit evil, too. but mostly balance prevails, even if the scales take some wide swings before settling.

what i want to know is, where did we come up with the notion that fairness is the same as equality. by way of example. my brother was an athletic kid. i was a book worm. so when it came time for punishment, my bro was often sent to his room and i was often sent outside.

fair? (we were both miserable with our punishment)

equal? (hardly)

maybe this is still a little of my PC rant going on, but it is a troubling trend in the world today to reduce everything to the same trite formulas and damn the variables :: one of the sturdy underpinings of the beast i call “the great Androgyny” . . . somewhere along the way, we decided that differences cause conflict, so lets erase the differences so we can all just ‘get along’

trouble is, erasing the word does not change the thing.

a rose by any other name and all that.

now i am all for personal respect.

why, some of my best friends are people (what? what did you think i was going to say?)

it is impersonal *respect* that irks me.

i have a friend who is cherokee.

call her a “native american” if you want to . . . i am certainly not brave enough.

and that is my point. often we don’t know enough to even generalize.

most of the so called ‘correct’ terms are ‘invented’ terms created by white people so they would have a new euphamism by which to refer to some group who now objects to the old euphamisms.

and near as i can tell, the only people really feeding into the hype are white people . . . and the occasional ethnicity desiring to make a white person or two uncomfortable.

you want to get rid of strife, how ’bout if, instead of *erasing* our differences, we actually took the time to get to know one another . . .  and on the flip side of that same coin, how bout we show a little patience to strangers who have not yet had the chance to get to know us yet?

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