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is it too Late?

December 27, 2006

is it too late to kvetch about “happy holidays

those of you who know me, know i HATE anything even vaguely smacking of PC just on principle. this eleventh commandment of ‘thou shalt not offend…’ is absolutely getting on my last nerve.

now first, for those of you who don’t celebrate christmas or just don’t want to offend and say ‘happy holidays’ instead of ‘merry christmas’ – that is your choice and i’m fine with it.

i do not object to being ‘happy holiday-ed’

i do object, however, when i say “merry christmas” and some smarmy by-stander calls me on how ‘insensitive’ i am being.

well, the fact is, i celebrate christmas and as long as i am part of a predominantly christian family will continue to do so. for me to wish someone a “merry christmas” is part of that celebration and should not be a source of offense to anyone.

especially when wishing someone ‘blessed kwanzaa” or “joyous yule” or “happy chaunukkah” would not have rated me any such reprimand.

the fact is, if you are a minority, you can get away with ditching PC altogether except against minorities that trump your minority. A black man can call a jew a jew and no one blinks. He calls a fag a fag he gets beat with a fag.

if you are a white protestant male you are pretty much not allowed any leeway whatsoever.

unless you’re a polock (insert smug SEG here), in which case, by way of percieved stupidity (see blog entry below) you might still get beaten but will eventually be forgiven.

and in light of that caveat, a belated “Merry Christmas” to all . . .

. . . and if georgeCARLIN reads my blog :: have a nice day!

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