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my Wife

December 19, 2006

my wife is sleeping. i am awake.

she has to get up at 5 am. i have tomorrow off.

i love this woman more than i could ever express. she has a good heart, a great body, and a mind more inventive than a host of tinker gnomes on X.

she is hands down the sweetest woman in the world. and hands tied to the bedpost the most wicked.  😉

and for some reason she fell in love with me. which means there is probablly some brain damage involved, but given the choice between a crazy woman who wants me and a sane one who doesn’t, well, lets just say the decision wouldn’t take me all day.

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recently, we were out driving, and the topic drifted towards something that required mentioning the car’s sunroof. but the word that came out of my wife’s mouth was ‘sky-window’. she looked a little sheepish when i couldn’t stop laughing, but i swear i’ll never call it a sunroof again.

she started her blog, dutchKIDS, which is basically an open letter to our daughter, about the same time i started this one, and shortly after that opened her caringBRIDGE site which is intended more for other people (family and friends) to get the latest updates on our daughter’s progress. 

but this weekend she began a new blog that was more about sharing her inner thoughts and feelings than it was about our daughter’s cancer. she named it skyWINDOWS, so if you are at all interested in seeing what the sexiest woman in the world blogs about, by all means, visit.

of course, i will admit to a certain bias.

at least she didn’t name it kuri-ositiy. i don’t know if i could have lived that down.

okay, so maybe all (or most) of this should fall under the TMI heading, but if you made it this far you have only yourself to blame.

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generally speaking, i am not a possessive man, but neither am i inclined to share so great a treasure. yet with every day that passes i cannot help but celebrate her life and all she has achieved and all she has endured. and while i am unwilling to share her, i also find i cannot hide her under a bushel either.

perhaps it is simple pride that goads me on, but i want the world to know just how lucky i am.

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