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anne rice Christian

December 18, 2006

did anyone know that author anne rice (of Vampire fame) had re-embraced the catholicism/christianity of her childhood?

@ the end of her book Christ the Lord :: Out of Egypt, a tale of Jesus Christ, the Boy, she goes into some detail on her conversion (in 1998) and her ongoing quest to discover her God and her Lord, Jesus Christ (and goes on to tell of her dedication to write only for God).

i must admit, lest one think me an ardent fan, that once upon a time, i was anne rice’s greatest detractors.

not because i thought her a bad author or even a bad influence, but because i simply couldn’t accept the notion that all vampires were flaming homosexuals.

that is not a comentary on my opinion of homosexuals, but of statistics.

honestly, what are the odds that hordes of cursed undead creatures from all time periods and all walks of life were all sensual eroticists who had no qualms about focusing that eroticism frequently and unashamedly upon their own sex? (unless, of course, one made the connection that vampirism and homosexuality shared a common cause, and i don’t think any author bent on prolific sales would dare do so).

just didn’t seem likely to me.

her book, which i am only a short way into, lacks some of the verve and punch of her darker works, but at the same time i am forced to admit that she treats people more like real people this time and less like femme-fantasia caricatures of people.

and, as always, she is a consumate researcher with an uncanny ability to put you smack in the midst of a setting and make you feel as if you are actually there.

my point?


just a heads-up :: the mistress of darkness has found the light, and what she chooses to illuminate could be well worth viewing indeed.

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