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random riffffles in my Reality

December 5, 2006

so it occurs to me lately that my posts have been somewhat random, both in content and frequency. one minute i’m exploring my mental universe, the next posting a block of quotes that no one cares about from various sources no one could hope to trace. three days go by without a post. one day gets a barrage or garbage.

lucky for my faithful readers i regularly ignore the voices in my head that tell me i’m being inane, so the freak show continues. for instance, i now know more about disney channel and its afternoon lineup than i ever aspired to. dangers of living with a convalescing ten year old.

one of my recently-paid-off creditors returned my certified check for $1000, claiming they recieved it in ‘damaged’ condition. the bloody thing was cut in half lengthwise in such a way that the amount and the date on the check were all but obliterated.

the slice is razor clean-obviously the work of an automated mail opener-and certainly happened after they recieved it, but whatcha gonna do? i know they had the check and were dithering over how to ‘fix’ their mistake (had it merely been lost in the mail i would have been receiving calls every four days) before finally deciding to make it my problem again.

i had planned to spend the day baking.

but between having to get my creditor to agree to not charge me the extra hundred bucks they added to my account this month (since i sent the check), then having to go to my credit union, get them to stop payment on my check, get a new payment off via the western union across town, and finding my dog dead and having to dig a grave for her (a daunting proposition in december-though not so much as having to tell my kids) . . . well, lets just say the cookies aren’t even dough yet.

i have the devil’s own luck.

if i ever write my memoirs (or baldly cobble them together from this pathetic excuse for a blog) they shall be collectively entitled :: “stopped @ a green light :: the story of my life”

*le sigh*

god hates a whiner. so i shall boldly continue burning my pre-cooked ham and keeping the beans from boiling over while i contemplate the myriad obvious benefits of being fate’s personal kick toy.

and that is neither sarcasm nor whining. okay, it’s a little sarcasm. but i once had a quiet normal life. most of my childhood, in fact. i learned very little in that stretch of living and was often bored.

i can’t really make that claim of my latest two decades. rarely bored, learning lots.

the next task i’ve set myself is learning the flute. if i can get the ‘american pie’ band-camp image out of my mind long enough to practice . . .

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