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November 26, 2006

an irreverent pagan friend of mine is fond of tossing out the letters ‘wwjdfakb?’ in chat rooms and forums and then waiting for the inevitible query so she can toss out the punchline.

(for those of you who are curious, the letters stand for :: ‘what would jesus do for a klondike bar?’)

now, coming up baptist (and baptist flavored non-denom) i was there for the whole wwjd movement in the early eighties as well as its more popular rubber-bracelet revival of the late nineties on into the new millenium.

we are a society that prides itself in boiling everything down into neat little formulas. take the full, unabridged message and work it until it fits on one page…

…then on an index card…

…then on a business card…

…then on a postage stamp…


(you get the idea)

when it was first put forth, asking the question ‘what would jesus do?’ was supposed to be so profound, and maybe as a starting place it is, but really, when do we move past that? when do we stop asking ‘what would jesus do?’ and start asking ‘what will i do?’

see, jesus wasn’t about dumbing down the law into neat little soundbytes. he didn’t have a wwjd bracelet that stood for ‘what would jehovah do?’ in fact, when asked, he showed no hesitancy or uncertainty at all about what jehovah would do. he knew very well what jehovah would do (and wanted him to do) and he was always busy doing it.

we love to ask the profound questions. we love to have the corner on the truth. but more and more in this world we are reluctant to go out and get our hands dirty.


he would go out among the people. touch them. eat with them. comfort them. heal them.


probablly send peter down to the river for one of those money-fish, then send him off to buy one ‘for me and thee’

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