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best weekend Ever

November 26, 2006

i work grocery retail, so enjoying thanksgiving is kind of a rare thing for me, but i have to say the last four days have been the epitome of domestic bliss.

we had thanksgiving at mom’s new house, but my wife and i got to do a good deal of the cooking. (that is a good thing. we love to host, but our house isn’t big enough to have many people over).

as an added bonus, the more contary members of our family (my mother’s brother and sister and their extended families) decided to do their own thanksgiving apart from us this year, so all the usual jabs and slurs and politely-worded “We’reBetterThanYouisms” went missing from the conversation, to be replaced by actual pleasantness, genuine familial concern, and the open joviality that is the natural by-product of enjoying the company of others.

over the next two days we decorated the houses (our house and my mother’s house) for christmas and baked the first batch of christmas cookies.

and after church today we went to a nice restaurant and took the kids to do thier christmas shopping for the family.

altogether a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, complete with 60-70 degree weather, beautiful sunshine, a crisp breath of air, and bright autumn leaves. it was one of those weekends you know you will look back on when things get bleak. it was one of those weekends that will become an anchor of hope, a reminder of what it is to live and to enjoy life.

and in the meanwhile it remains, for a few hours anyway, a bright haven in my otherwise hectic life.

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